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Why wear Hippie Camel rescue t shirts? (click to read)

Once upon a time, Koda and Panda Bear were discarded like garbage. They never gave up, however. Somehow, we all found each other and are now a happy pack. Koda and Panda Bear have even created their own t shirt company. It just goes to show that there is value in that which society throws away in a mad chase for shiny new things. Their life experience has taught them the joy in discovering lost and unappreciated treasures.

The dogs consider Goodwill Industries to be like an animal rescue shelter for abandoned goods.  They know the anguish of being cast away and are on a mission to give the t shirts from Goodwill a 2nd chance at a loving, forever home. They are also huge fans of supporting the Goodwill mission of helping to rebuild lives of people who may have been thrown away. They are very nice and compassionate dogs.

Finally, Koda and Panda Bear feel like it is a shame to waste the resources of the planet making new stuff when there is already lots of perfectly good stuff. It is their belief that these resources could be put to a much better use. Specifically, making more dog treats.

How to order a rescue t shirt (click to read)

Choose a shirt in your size. Make a note of the shirt #. Choose that # from the drop down menu on the product page. It is so easy! BTW, you will notice that a lot of the shirts already have stuff on them. We will just put our stuff right on top of the old stuff. If some of the old stuff is still showing we say, “So what?” These are rescue shirts. Don’t hide it. Wear it proudly!


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