Hippie Camel T shirt company Staff

The Staff

‘Our Founder’

Once upon a time there was a dog with a dream; ‘I just want to bring a little bit of joy to the world. Maybe if we all smile a little more, we will hate a little less… and I really want a piece of bacon.’
That dog’s name is Koda. He is the alpha dog and the brains behind our operation. He wants to make friends with the coyotes that just want to eat his face. He is afraid of sprinklers and fireworks. He really likes peanut butter.

Vice President in charge of rabbit chasing

Panda Bear is very pretty. We are of the opinion that intelligence is overrated as long as you are pretty. In spite of her challenges, she is an artistic genius. Her input in creative matters is invaluable. BTW, the Bigfoot walking his dog was her idea. She likes to chase rabbits. Even though she has failed 12,593 times in a row, she believes that she is going to get the next one.

Assistant to the dogs


Basically, I type what the dogs tell me to since they do not have opposable thumbs. Also, I model some of the shirts because we cannot afford to hire sexy Tshirt models like the big Tshirt sites.


The Dream

It is the ultimate dream of the Hippie Camel team to use the proceeds from this site to start a small, self-sustaining, permaculture, tree hugger type farm.

Our Philosophy

We are talking about Tshirts. We think that it should all be fun. The only thing that we take seriously, is the fact that people will (hopefully) be spending their hard earned money on our product. The satisfaction and enjoyment of our customers is our highest priority. After that, it is just having as much fun as possible.

Creative disagreement

Crack staff hard at work

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled. Dismiss