Unusual t shirts for human beings

Why Hippie Camel Tshirts?

   Sure, you could probably find some lame, generic T shirts on one of those giant, impersonal sites for less $$s. We are not sure if they have a soul. Their designs are probably generated by some computer algorithm that figures out the highest probability of positive human response. And we have heard rumors that they are mean to animals. Forget about those guys. Check out our shamelessly childish, unusual t shirts. Who knows? It could be the most important, life changing decision that you ever make (but probably not).

A sample of  unusual t shirts

We are a small company. We are not looking for domination of the Tshirt  universe. All we want is to make the world smile with our silly little designs. Maybe it will be the start of some great, world wide group hug. We like puppies and kitties and giraffes. If  our company could help little old ladies across the street, we would totally do it. Wear unusual t shirts and make the world less boring, mean and sucky.  We have created all of our designs through the tireless work of our crack staff . Bigfoot, Sisyphus, Tartigrades, Stonehenge, Dog/Dinasaur chimeras and bad comb overs are just a few of the subjects that we have depicted. There are more to come!

  If you prefer to buy Tshirts from the huge, mean, greedy, sites that are hell bent on global conquest, by all means, do so.  And while you are at it, go ahead and kick a puppy and steal some candy from a small child.




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